If you only follow me on this website, then it might seem like I’ve not been drawing anything in a while – nothing could be further from the truth!

Actually I’ve been drawing one Aikido Animal every day since October 1st and uploading it on Facebook und Instagram.

Many people around the world seem to enjoy these animals, and lots of them were asking for a book, so I went ahead and made one. For the last few weeks I’ve been working around the clock on layout, preparations for printing and finding a way to publish it.

Now it is finally happening – the Kickstarter for Aikido Animals is live!

The book will be a 21x21cm hardcover with over 100 pages. Every animal has a short description in English to make it even funnier, but the pictures alone can be enjoyed by anyone of any age – Aikidoka or not. Once the campaign is finished, the books go into print, then I’ll start sending them out as soon as possible. I’m afraid they probably won’t arrive before Christmas, but hopefully by the middle of January.

So maybe you happen to do Aikido, or know someone who does, or just like to look at funny pictures – feel free to get your copy and share the link to the kickstarter with anyone who might be interested! Thank you! 😀