My name is Jutta (not quite pronounced “Utah”, but close enough), I’m a German living in Russia, and when I’m bored, I sometimes draw stuff.

A few years ago, I drew a webcomic named “a gobo’s life”, about a Goblin girl named Nicheck, which you can still read in the top menu there… In the last few years, I haven’t been bored as often, so there’s not so much drawing going on any more, but once in a while, there will be new comics or t-shirt designs or whatever.

Can you draw … for me?

In theory, yes. But I only do commissions when I have time and feel like doing it. But you can always ask, I like getting mail that’s not spam once in a while.

E-mail: nicheck(at)gobopictures.de

Can I use … ?

Yes, you can post it, share it, print it, whatever – as long as you don’t change it or sell it.

Legal stuff

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